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purpleflower asked any good gym in singapore?

i will be in singapore for about 2 months. can someone suggest a gym which is good as well as cheap. most of the gym's offer subscription for a year or so.. or mayb max 6 months. can u tell me about gym which gives monthly subscripption. Also let me know the rates pls. I will be staying in kovan. So any place nearby should be fine

And got the following answer:

Unless you are a hard-core sportsperson, I think aces's suggestion is good for you. The Hougang Sports Hall / Gym facilities is good enough... here's the address Hougang Sports and Recreation Centre 93 Hougang Avenue 4 Singapore 538832 Tel: 6315 8670/1 Fax: 6315 0130 Email: You can locate the venue via Street Directory website @ There's direct bus servce from Kovan station. You can take bus 82,107,107X,113 from Kovan There's also a public pool and a stadium nearby, hence if you wish to do more work-outs after that, you can have more alternatives as well... As mentioned, the gym is charged by per entry, @ $2.50, unlimited time... just remember to bring your own towel, if not, you have to get from them @ $1.00 The last time I went, the instructor is very helpful... all you need to do is to ask...they will be there to help. :) The only disadvantage which I can think of is that as it is a public gym, and they do not have too many equipments, hence you may have to share / wait for your turn most of the time (esp during the peak. eg. Weekends / after-work hours) You can use the Sports Council website to find out the operating hours...the info is listed under "Participation>Facilities"... you can use the 3rd link I attached for you. If you have the time, they also offer various classes which you can take part, you have to check with the counter for updated info / details. The courses will usually stretch for 3 months, i.e. 12 lessons. Work hard! :)

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