Shooting: Singaporean wins bronze medal at Asian Youth Games
Channel News Asia
Despite facing a 38-strong field of older and more experienced opponents, the Singapore Sports School student-athlete, who was the youngest competitor on Sunday, overcame a nervous first series in the qualification round to finish fifth on 409.8 points ...

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In second Infosys inning, Narayana Murthy has more questions to face
Bangalore: It was the biggest turnout at a town hall meeting in nearly a decade at Infosys Ltd. The auditorium at the Electronic City headquarters of Infosys was overflowing with employees, anxious to find out what the company's most-famous founder ...

Breakers boss tipped to switch
Considered one of the best franchise managers in New Zealand, Clarke has been chosen from a strong pool of candidates. The Blues received more than 75 applications from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Europe from ...

Singaporean ship cruises to N. Korea
The Star Online
The nightspot is a boarded-up swimming pool on a ship sailing in North Korean waters. The groovers are mainly middle-aged men and women wearing pins featuring pictures of the late North ... Formerly a gaming ship in Singapore waters, the 138m-long ...
Cruise in North Korea - on a Singaporean's shipStraits Times

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Lee Steps Up Support for Singaporeans as Economic Revamp Bites
... the essential social services that you need, especially health care,” Lee said. “We will monitor closely how well people can afford housing in Singapore, and over time, as it becomes necessary, we will do more to help the lower- and the middle ...

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Singapore Pools: Outlets

Account. Login Signup. Contact Us. Lottery. Sports. Live Betting. Phone Betting. Outlets. Claim Prizes. How To Play. Corporate. Outlets. Outlets. Claim Prizes.

Sports Corporate - Swimming Complexes - Singapore Sports Council

Jun 2, 2013 ... Operating Hours: 8.00am - 9.30pm (Thursday to Tuesday & Public ... Facilities Type: 1 Competition Pool, 1 Teaching pool, 1 Wading pool

Welcome to Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is the national gaming operator offering lottery and sports betting products. ... Date/ Time, Match Number/ Event, 1, X, 2, Bet Types, Stats.

Singapore Swimming Complexes - Swimming Pools in Singapore

Swimming Lessons Singapore - Learn Swimming with Happy Fish .... Note: Special feature pools are denoted by '*' and have earlier been closed for a full week ...

Singapore Pools: Contact Us

Singapore Pools (Private) Limited (Click here for location map) 210 Middle Road, #01-01 Singapore Pools Building, Singapore 188994 (Business hours...

The r/Singapore May Meetup

Tue, 01 May 2012 09:54:53 -0700

Hello all you sexy (I assume) people.

This is a follow up to this post right here, which in case you missed out, is regarding an r/Singapore meetup in May.

This was roughly thought out before the announcement for the global reddit meetup day was announced. There's more than a month between this and then and some people want it to go on, so it will.

You guys submitted your preferences, and here are the results:

Date: 12 May 2012 (Saturday)

Location: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Event type: Potluck/Picnic/Drinking whatever session (Just chilling, basically)

Time and place to meet: 4pm at Botanic Gardens MRT

Why: Why not...?

Event is simple. Just bring a dish (or 2... or 10) that is enough for everyone to eat. If you're lazy or can't cook, feel free to bring soft drinks or chips or other stuff like that. If you want Reddiporeans to circlejerk on how good what you bring is, then feel free to cook it/make it/buy it.

The garden is pretty spacious, so apart from eating we can throw around frisbees or kick balls around. No, not that kind.

Everyone and anyone is welcome, just bring something, kay?

I know some of you do not drink, but no pressure. Some people who don't drink are definitely going to show up.

For people who do want to drink, bring your own drinks, share a bottle with some friends, or just come with no drinks and we'll get whoever is interested to pool together money and order drinks from somewhere like mabuk monkey with the total funds available.

The garden closes at 12am, so we'll have to leave before then (to round 2 of drinks, perhaps).

If you are coming,

Please state:

  1. Whether you'll be able to make it on time or will be late

  2. What you are bringing (so 20 people don't bring coke and chips). If you would like to keep it a surprise just say the general food category that it belongs in.


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Damian asked What do you know about Finland?

I'm living there, currently, and I'd like to know what do you kniow about it WITHOUT using Google.

And got the following answer:

Well, I'm American and probably know more than most about Finland, since I've always been interested in various countries. I know Finland is a Nordic country, but not Scandinavian. It is a neutral country, like Sweden and Switzerland. It was ruled by both Sweden and Russia in the past. The people are mostly Lutheran, and some are Eastern Orthodox, but it's a very liberal and secular country. It has one of the very best education systems in the world, the only non-Asian country that can somehow compete with countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. It has one of the highest standards of living in the world. It has high taxes, but also a great economy, with lower unemployment, lower national debt, etc. than the US. The people are perhaps the blondest in Europe, but speak a language related not to any Germanic or Indo-European language but rather only to Estonian and Hungarian (and these are more distantly related to Turkish and Mongolian? Not sure about this point). There is also a small Swedish minority living in the SW parts of Finland, and Finns learn Swedish (and English) as a second language. It still has a pretty homogeneous population, not having had much immigration yet. It is part of the EU and euro and Schengen zones, but not part of NATO. They get a LOT of snow, and sauna is a national obsession. Saunas are usually enjoyed naked and in mixed company (males & females together), oftentimes family and/or close friends. They alternate sweating in the sauna with gently (?) whipping themselves (each other?) with birch branches, and jumping into pools of ice water. They are some of the biggest drinkers in Europe (more than other Nordic countries), and the most likely to engage in fights and casual violence. They are some of the most depressed, and have a rather high suicide rate. Nokia and Marimekko (spelling?) are some famous Finnish companies. Finnair is considered a good airline, and Helsinki airport is good too, especially for trans-polar flights to Asia. Guess that's about it? You tell me what I've missed? :)

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