14 Secrets to Win Singapore Pools 4D or Malaysia Magnum Revealed! Part 2

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14 Secrets to Win Singapore Pools 4D or Malaysia Magnum Revealed! Part 2

Secret #8
Be happy. Be positive in your outlook and thinking. Avoid anything negative at all. Negative words, actions and even thinking will strongly affect your chance of striking 4D. If that happens, any super duper system isnt going to work.

Secret #9
A negative attitude and thinking will only breeds more its same kind (as in positive attitude and thinking too). It is a vicious cycle that isn‟t going to do no one any good at all. Don‟t get caught in it. When you are unhappy, angry, worried or even sick, don‟t gamble.

Secret #10
We need patience and perseverance when the going is not that smooth, the financial ability to weather through the inevitable bad-luck stretch occasionally before we can see hits happening.

Secret #11
Law of probability dictates that selecting numbers from a higher frequency is better than those in the lower percentile.

Secret #12
A win is a win. Whether it is a big win or small win, it is important to keep the winning streak alive. Maintain the flow and it will be a matter of time when the Big Win comes.

Secret #13
In any game of chances, there will be periods of „dry spells‟. It is that unavoidable cycle that every 4d punter loath. The only thing you can do is to scale down your bet during this period of time. There is nothing you can do about it; got to bite the bullet when it comes.

Secret #14
Have certain guidelines in place for your 4d investment strategy. Scale down your bet when the going is tough but when the hits start coming back, then it is business as usual.

14 Secrets to Win Singapore Pools 4D or Malaysia Magnum Revealed! Part 1

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14 Secrets to Win Singapore Pools 4D / Malaysia Magnum Revealed! Part 1

Secret #1
Probability of any direct 4D combination is 23 / 10, 000 or 1 / 434

Secret #2
The actual median for 4D is 288 draws, or 2 years. You will have a 50% strike rate when you buy 4D direct numbers within the last 2 years.

Secret #3
ABCD number make up of 24 different permutations. As such, the median is 288/24 = 12 draws (1 month).

Secret #4
AABC number make up of 12 different permutations. As such, the median is 288/12 = 24 draws (2 months).

Secret #5
AABC may have twice the payout of ABCD numbers, but ABCD have a higher frequency of striking.

Secret #6
4D may be random but there is always a pattern and trend behind it at a particular stage in time. In other words, it follows some loose mathematical law.

Secret #7
Each person learning curve, risk appetite and perception is different. You will have to find your own comfort zone in putting $$$ down on a number.

4D – Your path to true success!

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There are ways to make money in life that require you to either lose your morals completely or virtually exhaust yourself in their pursuit, and let’s face it, there are very few people in the world who consider either of those to be a valid option.

But, when it comes to 4D you are able to make money the way you really want to and all you have to do is to think a little and further explore this website to learn the numerous ways that 4D can change your life if you truly embrace the wonders it has to offers.

So don’t spend your life toiling away in some anonymous office somewhere only to get nothing more than a pitiful watch at the end of those decades of toile, and maybe a golden watch if you’re lucky!

Make the smart choice and learn more about 4D and how it can vastly improve your life!

4D Direct Number betting Strategy 2 – Patience is the virtue to bet small and win Big!

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4D Direct Number betting Strategy 2 – – Patience is the virtue to bet small and win Big!

In 4D Direct Number betting Strategy 1, we talk about having a budget of $24 to bet per draw, and spreading out to bet $1 big per number for $24.

For strategy 2, instead of spreading our bet thinly over a range of 24 numbers, we focus our bets on 1 direct number set which consists of 6 numbers. So with the same budget of $24, we can place a higher direct bet of each number to maximise our wins.

So 6 direct number X $3 = $18
With a remaining $24 – $18 = $6, we use it to buy ibet for the number.
As our direct number predictions is geared towards top 3 prize predictions, a $6 big ibet would have won $83 X 6 = $498 for the first prize. This is to play as a safe guard and get back some winning and cut losses should we miss the 1st prize direct number.

For strategy 1, a $1 big would have yield $2000 for first prize.
For strategy 2, a $3 big would have yield $6000 for first prize.

In short,
Strategy 1 will have a higher strike rate in return for a smaller pool of prize money.
Strategy 2 will have a lower strike rate in return for a bigger pool of prize money.

You will have to ask yourself what kind of strategy you are comfortable to play with a budget that you are comfortable.

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4D Direct Number betting Strategy 1 – Strike 4D often

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4D Direct Number betting Strategy 1 – Striking 4D often

1) I have devised a new top prize prediction formula which is use exclusively to predict top prize. (Unlike the old formula whereby the prediction of number could come anywhere from top prize, starter, consolation). This top prize prediction formula also comes with less number to bet on but yet with higher accuracy. For eg. on 22 august, out of 11 system number given in the website, we had 3 system hits (3/11= 27% hit accuracy) and a direct hit of 1st prize number 9316. Member who bought the direct number 9316 win $2000 on that day for a $1 bet.

2) How to play? That’s one of the most frequent question posed to me. A conservative approach is to buy within your comfortable budget. example. $24 per draw. If you play $24 per draw ($1 bet per direct number for each 24 number in a set= $24), meaning $24 X 12 draw = $288 per month. During this 1 month, you should have strike a $60 consolation/$250 starter to recoup your loss. A $60 consolation win would have covered your cost for about 3 draws whereas a $250 starter win would have covered your cost for about 10 draws.

Even if you did not strike that 1 month, it is ok; we have to have persevere and stay through the course. A $2000 1st prize / $288 = 7 months; what it means is that if you strike $2000 within 7 months, you are in net profit! If you strike $2000 at 7 months, you would have break even; you neither win or loss. Consider that you should have strike a few starter/consolation during the 7 months, this means that your breakeven is even longer than 7 months when you hit the top prize of $2000. However, as my new prediction is geared towards winning Top 3 prizes and not starter prize or consolation prize, the chances of hitting Top 3 prizes multiple times within 7 months is very REAL. Take note that we will still hit starter and consolation prizes as the nature of 4D is random but the prediction is especially geared towards winning top 3 prizes as numbers which has less probability of appearing in top 3 prizes are filtered out.

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Common Faq 4D Questions

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Common Faq 4D Questions

1) What are system number and direct number?
Direct number – the number must come out as the exact number in the draw
eg. bet on 7834 and it comes up as 7834

System number – the number does not need to come out as the exact number in the draw.
eg. bet on 3421 and it comes up as 2341

2) What are ABCD, AABC, AABB, AAAB?
eg. ABCD – 3867, AABC – 3346, AABB – 3355, AAAB – 5553

3) What do you bet mostly on ABCD number?
ABCD numbers has the tendency to show up again once per month, whereas AABC numbers only show up again once every 2-3 months.

4) How to know which set of numbers to buy?
One good way is to look up the previous draw records and see which group the strike rate occur. Observe the pattern and trend of the strike rate pattern that has occur previously so that you can conclude which set to buy for this coming draw.


4 Main Strategies to Play 4D

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Here are 4 main strategies to play 4D

1) Buying a mix of ibet / 24 permutation with direct number
Buy system/ibet together with direct number set; if you miss all direct number and manage to hit the system number, you could get back $250 (eg starter prize) [if you buy 24 permutations] or some money back if you bought ibet.

2) Slow and Steady Strategy
Buy a few group eg (2 to 3) numbers within the set or across the different sets A, B, C.

Quick Tip – You can buy the a few number from the left-most side as number are arranged from left-most (higher probability) to right most (lower probability) order.

Pro – Low investment and higher returns when strike. Can scale investment easily up to eg $2 or $5 bet per number due to the small amount of numbers to bet on.
Cons – chance of striking is lower, more dependent on luck, chances of hitting top 3 is lower

3) Fast and Furious Strategy
Buy 1 to 2 set of number per draw. Consolation and Starter Prize to cover investment.
Hit Top 3 to gain net profit.

Pro – chance of striking is higher, less dependent on luck, chances of hitting top 3 is higher
Cons – higher investment, harder to scale investment per number due to bigger amount of number to buy from.

Overall Net profit but with risk: If you did not hit the top 3 prizes, you maybe incurring a loss.
To play this, you need to play a few months to see results.

4) Stake all your bet on one number.
If you are “lucky” enough, you will get a big windfall.
Generally not recommended unless you are very “lucky”.
Best to spread your bet over a few number to increase your strike rate.

Useful 4D tips

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Here are some very useful 4D tips you can use when betting

1) Using ibet as a safe cover
Use ibet to cover any numbers you miss.
Suppose if you buy 6 direct number but it so happen that the direct number came out 1st prize but in a different order from my recommended 6 direct number. If you bought a $1 ibet as a cover, at least you would still get some money back and cover some of your previous investment.

2) Vary your bet.
You can vary your bet amount per number.
eg. $1 bet 1234, $3 bet 4321, $5 bet 2341 ………… etc
if you hit 2341 direct, you would have greatly minimize your losses previously and maximise your net profit overall.

3) Higher probability number left to right arrangement
The 6 direct number are arranged in a manner that the left-most number have higher probability than the right-most numbers. This is very useful when you are just buying a couple of numbers instead of the entire 6 numbers.
eg. 1562 2516 2651 5216 6215 5612
1562 have a much higher probabilty compared to 5612.

4) Maximize your chance with higher profits by combining point 2 and point 3 above
Since we know that higher probability start from left to right arrangement, we can vary our bets accordingly to it for maximum winning.
example 1:
$6 bet 1st number, $5 bet 2nd number, $4 bet 3rd number, $3 bet 4th number, $2 bet 5th number, $1 bet 6th number

example 2:
$3 bet 1st number, $3 bet 2nd number, $2 bet 3rd number, $2 bet 4th number, $1 bet 5th number, $1 bet 6th number


Laying Out the 4D Net Strategy

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I call it netting for obvious reasons. Since we know for sure that we really can’t predict a single winning 4d number, we can try to net that elusive winning number from a “winning group” if we are quite sure that the winning group has a probabilty of 80% and above.
That’s why you see that in 4D in singapore direct number prediction, we divide the “winning group” into set A, set B, set C.

By buying all the set, it would be too costly and not profitable in the long run. But I have put it such that set A has a higher probability of winning compared to set B and followed by set C. In that way, you can focused on buying those sets which has a higher probability of showing up.

However, as we know, 4D is random, and the “luck” factor does come into play. I do not really believe in luck, rather I am a believer of the “law of attraction“. You can google “law of attraction” to read more about this. I believe that you can use “law of attraction” to help you to increase your chance of winning. In 4D in Singapore, we try to reduce the “luck factor” to the most minimum by using high probabilty methods to derive high probabilty numbers that has good chance of appearing.

By combining the law of attraction with high probabilty number, you are in good position to strike regularly with a overall net profit.

P.S. you can buy up to 2 set per draw to increase your chance of  winning.
However, please play accordingly to your budget.

How to Play numbers in 4D in Singapore

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How to play these number?

At times, you willl lose your investment for a few draw, but you must look at the long term overall picture (monthly/yearly) instead of short term losses. When you hit starter or consolation, it’s mainly to cover your investment. When you hit the top 3 prize, you are in Net profit!

However, as 4D is a random game, at times, the direct number may not show up. so you need to stay on the course.

If you do not want to play the strategy that i mentioned above, you can just buy a couple of numbers from the list. However, by playing in this manner, personal luck will count a great deal in winning.

if you are lucky, and put $10 into 1 direct number, and that direct number come up top prize, then your profit margin is really huge. The strategy that i mentioned above is for people like me who want consistency in winning and reduce the luck factor to the lowest.

4d master

What is the best winning strategy to win 4D?

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12th March 2012

Dear and Good Day Master,

I am wondering which is the best winning strategies in winning 4D to adopt.

I had tried so many methods be it based on 3Ds, intervals, tracking the movements of system numbers, clustering and the likes but the success rate is low. I try to play 4Ds within my budget.

If there is a need to increase my budget to achieve higher success rate, I will be willing to do so.

Master, please enlighten me.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards


Hi Nick,

There are many different ways and strategies to win 4D.

One of the way that you can win 4D is to buy ibet for the list of numbers that I posted prior to upcoming 4D draw.

I have invested a considerable amount of time and money for the past 1/2 year to experiment with different methods and strategies before finding a combination of formula that works really well. As you can see from the singapore 4d prediction result, it’s proven to show result but please play responsibility within your budget.

You can see the proof from the winning tickets that I posted on the site. Though there aren’t many winning tickets on the site right, I have yet to post the rest of the winning ticket on my computer as I haven’t got the time to edit and upload them.

To Your 4D Profit,
4D Master