Malaysia Magnum 4D Results on 13/05/2018 (13 May 2018)

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Malaysia Magnum 4D Results on 13/05/2018 (13 May 2018)

1st Prize7602
2nd Prize3987
3rd Prize0353
Special Prizes
Consolation Prizes

The winning prediction number for Malaysia Magnum 4D are
13 May 2018 – 3987 Wins Direct 3987 (2nd Prize) – Gold Prediction
13 May 2018 – 3789 Wins System 3987 (2nd Prize) – Silver Prediction
13 May 2018 – 1268 Wins System 2186 (Starter Prize) – Platinum Prediction (TP 3D)
13 May 2018 – 2369 Wins System 2936 (Consolation Prize) – Platinum Prediction (TP 3D)

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