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0 is a site that provides you accurate 4D predictions. With accurate 4D prediction, you now have the opportunity to pay off your loans or even to go on a dream holiday. A $10 bet on a direct number that came up starter prize could have easily fetch you $250 X $10 = $2500; $500 more than the 1st prize of $2000. Click here to join us for a free 4 day trial today!

Here’s what a $10 bet can do wonder for your finances.
1st prize = $2000 X $10 = $20000 (This could be a year annual income for some people)
2nd prize = $1000 X $10 = $10000
3rd prize = $490 X $10 = $4900
Starter prize = $250 X $10 = $2500
Consolation prize = $60 X $10 = $600

Honestly, by betting on your own, the chances of striking a direct / system number are very low. I know that because I been down the road. I ever bought 100 ibet number in a single draw and not even a single strike!

When was the last time you strike a system / direct number? Not to mention hitting the top 3 prizes? However, the good news is that by joining us, you gain access to my proven system and direct number predictions that has the potential to hit a mixture of consolation, starter and top 3 prizes. In fact, my best record to date are striking 2 direct numbers in a single draw on 25th april 2012 and 6th may 2012 (See my 2012 winning 4d track records below) and striking 6/23 (23 numbers in a 4d draw) = 26% (1/4) correct system number prediction on 30th June 2012! See my proof of striking 2 direct number in a single draw whereby I win $500 in total on 28 november 2012.

You just have to pick the right number to make your dream come true.
Join us in winning 4D today!

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